Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who Ran 60 Miles This Month?

Oh, right. That would be me.

It occurred to me that making it to 9 p.m. might be easier if I didn't get up and run at 6 a.m. (That was my duh-uh revelation of the day.) So, I caught up on homework earlier this week, took down a delicious chocolate mint Jocalat Larabar and spent the hour between work and class polishing off the final 3 miles in my January goal.

Although there were plenty of students and post-work exercisers present, there weren't any people applauding at the finish line. There was isn't even a slice of chocolate cake (I thought I had that worked out already!). But there was that solid, smooth satisfaction of knowing that I had run farther* this month than I have run in any other month of my life. In fact, I probably ran farther than I did in any given year of my life (except, maybe, for last year). That makes me smile. And while it may not be a supreme distance in the eyes of some runners, it's quite supreme to me.

I'm going to go be fancy and make myself some crepes (I heart crepes). But as I pour, flip and eat, I'll be cooking up a new set of goals for February.


Landon said...

Come on, editor: farther not further. But in any case, nice job. You should be proud as what.

What are you doing for your birthday next week?

GP said...

I admit my mistake. But please don't tell anyone about the err of the grammar bitch's ways.