Friday, January 5, 2007

Whittling Away at 30

Running a marathon is nothing to sneeze at. Yet while many runners top out at 26.2 miles, some just keep going and going... and then going some more.

These people aren't crazy; they're just ultra. And when you're ultra, you run ultra marathons, which are longer than 26.2 miles — 30-, 50-, 100-mile races. There are also timed events, like 12-hour runs, 24-hour, 48-hour, and even multi-day events.

Ultra-runners are really a different breed — different from me and another one else I'll ever know. Ultra takes a level of discipline and organization I don't think I'll ever touch. And if I had been brought up differently by different people with different values, I would probably try to kill these people. But for now I'll just admire their strength and be content with the 3.5 miles I ran today (and 1 mile I walked).

The month's total: 5.5 miles. At this rate, I should just barely finish mile thirty before midnight on Jan. 30.

If I don't run 30 miles in January, I will not eat dessert until I do.
I'm running 30 miles this month. Make your resolution.

That is, if I hadn't received my Nike+iPod kit today. Apparently I can calibrate the thing to understand my running vs. walking, arrange for a "PowerSong" to play when I need some bounce, get spoken feedback, and set up a variety of workouts.

Good music is necessary for my running. When I bought my iPod last July, I assumed I would play with the thing for a month and then lose it in a closet or the mess of my gym bag (knock on wood). But it has really become my lifeblood when it comes to running.

One of my first tasks when I bought my iPod: create a running playlist. It's at least 50 songs long, mostly popcorn, and today I ran to the following segment (click the song titles to hear samples):

(Special thanks to Neo for his supramusic collection.)

I try to sprint or at least kick it up a little bit in the middle of my runs. It's not only to work on speed, but also to tired myself out and learn to keep on running. I have a feeling that the last leg of the triathlon is not exactly a relaxing trip to the beach. So, it has been some good conditioning.


Prof. Glidden said...

Man...this stuff is cool.

For those of us mature, well-rounded and experienced "over 30" folks (ok! ok! "over FORTY" folks. are you flippin happy now?! and I guess i'm anything but mature, eh?), this new, cutting-edge technology is way cool. But to you young folks...those born post-70's...I'm sure this is no big deal. But it gets me thinking --should I have Vincent create one of these just yet? : )

Speaking as Gina's exercise partner, I am quite impressed with her commitment to both the 2007 Chicago triathalon, and also the 2015 Ironchick. I mean, girls really have no business in the gym to begin with, but...the way she...ummm, errr...tries to...uhhhh...

Uh oh. Crap. I'm DOOMED on Monday.

More later. My hands are shaking too much to continue writing.


Prof. Glidden said...

Oh! One more, G.

I was scrolling through my 524 channels of CRAP TV (on the big screen, no less) tonight, and I came across a new one. "Fit TV." Ever watch it? They did an hour-long story on the Zuma Beach (California) triathalon. Very interesting viewing...and it gets you psyched to compete.

2007 Chicago? BRING IT. The Kenyan's have NOTHING on us.